Getting Started With Running

Don't worry if running is hard at first, it does get easier the more you run. The most important thing is to decide to get started.

getting Started

Have you ever wanted to start running but do not know where to begin? Have you seen people pounding the pavements and you’re thinking ‘I wish I could do that’, well you can! It’s all about getting out there and taking those first few running steps, it doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself to be sporty, running is for everyone of all ages and abilities.

Running is not an expensive sport to start, all you really need is comfortable clothing and a decent pair of running shoes.

Before you start your run, it is important to warm up gently for around 5 minutes to get your heart rate lifted. You can do exercises such as marching on the spot, side stepping, knee lifts and heel flicks. When you leave home start walking to continue the warm-up and then begin alternating between running and walking. Listen to your body and don’t push too hard in the early days of your running journey.


Aim to do around three 20-minute sessions per week and remember to include some gentle stretches to avoid injury.

At Ampthill and Flitwick flyers we offer a Couch to 5k (C25km) running programme to help people get started with running.

Alternatively, why not come along to one of our Tuesday evening coached training sessions where you can have a chat with one of our coaches to find out how we can help you get started with running.

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