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Everyone is encouraged to get involved the Club’s Cross Country Championships.


The Club has, for a number of years, competed in a cross-country league every winter. This league was originally supported by Today’s Runner, now Running Fitness, magazine. Several years ago the clubs decided to become a self-administrating league and is now known as the 3 Counties X-Country League reflecting the location of the member clubs.

The series involves 4-6 races between October - February. Dates are decided as the season approaches by the host clubs. Clubs registered in the league will generally take turns in hosting events. Races are over distances of approximately 5 miles. Men’s and women’s races are run together over the same course. Competitors must be over 16 years old on the day of the race. Entrance to these events is paid for by the Club.

Martin XC
Kerry XC Ampthill Park

Club xc championships

Cross Country championships are contested over the events of the 3 Counties and Chiltern Leagues, plus the County Championships.  The aim of the system is to allow everyone to compete, encourage people to run in as many events as possible.  The aim, after all, is to find the best consistent Cross Country runner.

All the events in the 2 leagues and the County championship count towards the championship.


All league events and the county championship count towards the championship

Any person running in at least one event is automatically included in the championships

You will score points according to your finishing position, within club members and gender.

If you run but fail to finish you will be awarded points appropriate to last place plus one.

If you do not run in an event you will score points according to the number of people in the championship of your gender plus one.

Your age category is determined from the date on which you run your first event in the championship.

Members representing a club other than AFF will have their finishing position within the race increased by 100 and their finishing position within club members and gender adjusted accordingly.

The Champions will be determined by the total of the best 5 scores gained during the season.  In the case of a tie, we will take the best 4, best 3 etc until we get a result or declare joint champions.

The lowest total in each gender/age senior, vet & super vet category wins

If a vet or super-vet wins the senior championship, then second vet takes vet championship etc

It may sound complicated but should be easier to understand by looking at the results table below.

The first column represents the finishing position. That can be either race position or position within category, the effect is the same

Championship points. Men and women score separately

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