The Flyers Committee is responsible for ensuring there are sufficient coaches and that training sessions are delivered to a good standard.

How is Coaching Organised?

AFF Male Head

Martin Lees


Martin takes the lead on coach recruitment, education and development, and new coach enquiries are always welcome. Find out about coaching (

Coaches are encouraged to improve their knowledge and skills and will be supported if they wish to progress to the next Level or look at adding to their current skills.

Martin also allocates coaches to deliver each session and a new coaching schedule is published every three months on the club website.

Coaches are consulted about each schedule and will have the opportunity to meet every 3-6 months to discuss progress.

The club has licensed UKA Coach in Running Fitness Coaches (Cirf) who are DBS-checked, insured and qualified to coach endurance athletes and deliver sessions. We also have licensed UKA Leader in Running Fitness (Lirf) Coaches who are qualified to assist Cirf coaches.

Coaches are re-licensed every 3 years.

Cirf Coaches generally take the lead at training and will check that there are sufficient allocated coaches to deliver the session.

Cirf Coaches also make sure that their coaching team is properly briefed and that all have opportunities to contribute - it is perfectly acceptable for a Lirf Coach to deliver the main part of the session with support from the Cirf Coach who is present, but only if the Lirf Coach is provided with sufficient notice to prepare.

All coaches are expected arrange a substitute if they are unable to deliver an allocated session, and to keep their coaching team informed.

The club also has many natural leaders who support and encourage their fellow runners when training as groups, and help the coaches to ensure that sessions are delivered effectively.

Coaches volunteer their time freely. The Committee is grateful for the time and effort that coaches invest in the club. Feedback is also encouraged from athletes and coaches alike.

Interested in Becoming a Coach?

Are you interested in becoming a running coach? Is you are, we can help. We follow the England Athletics Coaching Pathway and we have coaches at various levels of qualification within our club.

Martin Lees answers all enquiries about becoming a coach or furthering your coaching qualifications. Please contact him directly using the details below or the contact form.

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