Championship events

The club chooses a selection of races each year for our championship events.

Club Championship Events 2022

The following events have been selected for use as championship events.

Selected Races 2022

Doug Anderson 5K, Bedford: 20th July

Wellingborough 5M : 10th July

Sandy 10M: TBC

Leighton 10k: 27th March

Love Luton half: 30th October 

Note that Club Championship results will be determined by gun time, effectively first past the post.

County Championship Events 2021

Information on and races selected for use as County Championship events can be found here.

Please note, it is usually necessary to register on the day of the event for entry to the County Championships. Please make sure you register.

Age Categories

The way we award age category prizes for our events and championship events differs from that used by some clubs and the County.

We operate an inclusive policy. Which means that you are eligible for all age categories below your current age. So if your age category is MV50, you will be included in the Senior, MV40 and MV50 but not MV60 results. However, you can only win one category and if you take an award below your own category the second person in your category will be promoted to take the award.

County operate an exclusive policy, which means that, while everyone is eligible for the Open category, veterans are only eligible for the specific category in which they fall, even if they finish ahead of people from younger categories.

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