virtual isolation 5k

Isolation Virtual 5K Relays complete a 5K run and allow you to record it via your GPS Device.

running during lockdown

Isolation Virtual 5K Relays complete a 5K run (after a warm-up) and record it on either Strava or provide evidence from your Garmin or other GPS Device. Some people will not have the technology to provide evidence of their runs so, in those cases, we must trust them to self-report. We have predicted times for everyone, and suspicious times should be easily detected!

Each round will be contested over a 7-day period starting from 00:00 on Monday until 24:00 the following Sunday. Times should be reported, either by the dedicated Facebook stream or email to by midday on the next Monday.

Runners must only participate within the guidelines laid down by the government. If things change and we are instructed that we should not go out to exercise, then the whole thing is called off. ALL RUNS MUST BE COMPLETED SOLO.

Runners should not participate if they are feeling unwell. They will not be letting their team down as we will only allocate people to a team when they have recorded a time. We have created a spreadsheet that will allocate people to teams of approximately equal times based on the target times that would have been used for the 5K handicap. These times are based on your recorded 5K/10K times over the last 12 months.


Hopefully this will give everyone some motivation during this period of restrictions and will be run on a fortnightly basis alongside other club initiatives. It is open to all and the wider spread of abilities we can attract the better the team balance is likely to be. The 5K can be completed on any course and may be part of a contribution to other club activities. Team lists and results will be published as soon as possible after reporting deadline on the website and on the Club’s dedicated Facebook page.

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