Saturday 7@7

DAY: Saturday

TIME: 7:00 am - 8:00 am

LOCATION: Redborne School North Entrance Ampthill


On Saturday mornings there is the opportunity of a group run from Redborne School North Entrance Ampthill. The 7 at 7 gets its name as it reflects the main distance of 7 miles at 7am. However, in addition to the 7 miles there are also 6 mile and 4 mile routes. All routes start and finish at Redborne School North Entrance, are all on road and involve running up to and through To Maulden. The 7 mile route goes past Maulden and turns right at Water End Road. After Water End Road there is a left turn into Silsoe/New Road and you follow New Road for approximately 1.25 miles through to the end then a left turn followed by a right turn after approximately 50 metres into Abbey Lane. Follow Abbey Lane into and up Oliver Street to the end then turn left and back to Redborne. The 6 mile route turns right at Silsoe Road and then goes into New Road following the 7 route. The 4 miler turns right just after the rec in Maulden. Follow this Road until you turn right into Abbey Lane then back to Redborne as per the 7 route.

Whilst runners will start together, runners split into their sub-groups on the run as they desire. There are usually various options on pace and also at times efforts incorporated into some of the groups. There is flexibility there to suit an individuals needs. Notwithstanding the split groups we see everyone out and back in again. Parking is inside Redborne North entrance in the first car park. Confirmatory details are posted on the club Facebook page normally from Thursday evening and this thread can be used to post specific requests for the Saturday run whether that be looking for social company or a buddy for a session. As some of route does not have paths it is important that runner’s wear visible clothes with high viz in Winter and body/head torches.

For further details, contact Mark.

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