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Punchbowl - LDWA Marathon - Sunday 11 February

This was a top class 30 mile LDWA almost exclusively trail run, taking in area's of outstanding natural beauty including the Devils Punch Bowl in Surrey. Walkers went off at 7.30am and the runners an hour later, or whatever time they wanted to start provided they made the checkpoint opening times. The scenery from start to finish was superb. It was a tad muddy in places, sandy and hilly at times, with trails very similar to our very, very good friend, the Greensand’s trail in Bedfordshire. I went prepared this time with a newly acquired pair of daps to add to my other 14 pairs, which certainly helped with the conditions and time. My last 30 miler was 3 weeks ago and the long break helped the limbs, as I managed to shave at least an hour and 15m off my time. At least I would have if Chris Newnham hadn’t picked up my timing chip just before I nipped into the bog. The official time was about 16 mins later than the actual time, but who’s counting? Oh yeah, I am and this was marathon or ultra number 94 for me. Just 6 more to go to mine and Satnavs 100th. If you have never run a LDWA marathon, I would highly recommend them. They cost around £10 to enter, there are food stops every 6 or so miles (although on this one there were only 3), with a hot meal waiting for you at the end. The route instructions are always easy to follow and you can do what I did on Sunday, which was have no map and let Chris do all the navigating. The stops can add a fair bit to your overall time, but a fast time is not the reason to run these events and besides, another choccie biscuit and cup of tea worth another 10 mins. 

Paul Owen

Winter Tanners - LDWA 30M - Sunday 21 January

Day 846 of my current running streak and marathon no. 93 at the LDWA Winter Tanners 30 mile ultra event in Surrey, which was closer to 32 due to the odd wrong turn. There were 20, 30 or 40 mile options with checkpoints every 6 or 7 miles that were stocked with snacks. With LDWA events you can start anytime within a time window, so I didn’t see Becs & Richard until near the end and missed Mark entirely. Self navigating, almost all on trails which were a mix of mud, snow, water, slurry and hills all the way. It was probably the muddiest race I have ever run, with my choice of flat road running shoes not a wise move. I did my best Torvill & Dean impression 78 times, although I only fell once, which added an hour at least to my time. That wasn’t an issue for me, but it might have been for Chris ‘Tigger’ Newnham who bounced through the at times shin deep cow/pig/horse slurry all the way. The route took us up a hill straight from the off, but it was so muddy and slippy that going downhill was much harder. The first part of the route was shrouded in mist and we were unable to see what would have been great views. The promised snow arrived on time but luckily the heavy rain didn’t appear until we were in the car on the way home. We mostly kept to the route with my Garmin registering longer mileage. The fun really started at the 25 mile check point. The description said climb 14 steps, then turn a corner and climb 114 more, run a bit and practically get your mountaineering kit out to climb the north face of Box Hill. From the bottom it looked very steep and it turned out to be just that. At the top, the mist returned and with the fading light, there was again no view which was a shame. My last marathon was 3 weeks ago and the rest served me well, as despite the length of time we were out there I felt fine at the end. Just 6 more to go before my 100th hopefully in Milton Keynes in May.

Paul Owen

3 Counties XC Race 5: Bedford Priory - Sunday 14 January

After many impressive turnouts this season, the 68 runners we took to Bedford today was a record ever turnout for Flyers. [Stats provided in this write up are supplied by Flyer's resident and top statistician Phil Bierton]. In addition to the many returning runners we were bolstered by a number of season first timers - Helen Kearns, Caroline O'Mahoney, Helen Satterthwaite, Sarah Schofield, Robert Cook, Stanley Greening, and Richard Jones [any incorrect people info is my hand so if errors please notify me and I will update discreetly].

It was very much a different type of course today with the shortest duration coupled with the flattest profile made for a quick race. Again all worked really hard and performed really well and there was also great team support with raucous cheering in of the Flyers at the finish.

The ladies ran really well. It was always going to be difficult with Nicola away and Michelle Morris investing in the next generation of Flyers, though still taking the time to come and support her teammates. Nevertheless the team worked really well to finish 5th overall for the season in a competitive league. Sophia Bartlett, Kate Cornelius, Sarah Medler Kelley, Julie Pritchett and Sophie Windmill all secured their best results of the season which was no mean feat for what visually looked like by far the biggest turnout of the season. The scorers for the ladies were Jessica Anstee, Sophia, Hattie King and Louise Clark - three in the photo whilst Louise opted for cleanliness and showering.
For the men, the previous match victory at the home of North Herts had bought us some breathing space and whilst North Herts won the match today, the Flyers secured the men's title. The scoring team was lead by Pete Longstride Benedickter who finished in a magnificent 2nd place. Joe Strange welcoming a flatter course after last being seen not feeling the love for Heartbreak Hill had a really strong run in 7th ahead of Paul Farmer in 8th. Other scorers were Ian Halpin, Steve Steven Upton, myself, John Decesare and Ste Hartley. Like the ladies there were a lot of impressive performances with all the following recording their best position; Alex Anstee, Andy Atherton, Pete, Kevin Cutler, Martin Godin, Ste Hartley, Terry McHugh, Paul Owen, Mark Danger Rouse, Dave Stanley, Joe, Steve Upton and Simon Wilkins.

In the combined league we finished 2nd which was a great result that all have contributed too. It is a very competitive league that continues to get stronger- this year we welcomed a further club Rugby and Northampton. In the interests of sharing having 3 different winners Flyers in the men, Biggleswade in ladies and North Herts overall is fair.

On the individual side a big well done to Pat Godfrey, Mark Waine and Warwick Browning who won their age groups. Also congratulations to former Flyer (though we will always be close to his heart) Alex Ash who won the individual mens title.

A couple of big thank yous. Firstly to Julie Pritchett who has done a brilliant job as ladies captain over a number of seasons and will now take a well earned backseat. Thank you for all your hard work.  Massive thanks to Phil Bierton who does a sterling job not only doing the recording and results in some questionable weather (with great support from Richard Jones and Jane Cook) but also doing loads of other work both before and whilst everyone is chilling post cross-country he is still updating and producing results. He puts in a phenomenal amount of work. As part of this he has already calculated the cross country club championships which are provided below;




Caroline Gilby


Ian Halpin


Lisa Wells


Mark Waine


Keri Withers


Martin Beare
Finally thank you to all of you for your support to the team and each other. We have showed great strength in depth both from the scoring team with 17 different male and 13 female scorers and throughout the team. We have seen reams of improvement throughout the team this year and athletes like Ross Henson who in previous seasons was around the 160s and then progressed to score inside the top 30 show that anything is possible. Cross-country will help your overall running and hopefully you will all see the fruits of your labour. Keep up the training so we continue the progression through the longer days and into the next cross country season.

Mark Waine

County XC Champs (Shuttleworth) - Saturday 6 January

A small but perfectly formed turnout by the AFF ladies saw us scoop 2 team prizes and 2 individual age group county medals on what was a very cold, wet and windy afternoon. Just goes to show that if you turn up and give it your best shot you can achieve. Very well done ladies!

Deborah Beare

Northampton ParkRun & Magic Mile - Saturday 6 January

Early on Saturday morning (for me anyway!) four intrepid Flyers set forth for deepest Northampton in search of its infamous Magic Mile. As the mile could not take place until the completion of the Parkrun, we decided to use the 5K as a warm up. With over 670 runners the warmth of the crowd, Penguin style was a possibility on a cold morning. With such a large crowd it was hard to work out where to place ourselves and the first half lap was a case of weaving in and out of the throng. Richard decided to take the inside track on the grass, but claims he ran further than everyone else! Two and a half laps of a reasonably flattish route around the Racecourse park and it was all over.

We had about half an hour to cool down before joining a more select group of 20 or so runners taking on the Magic Mile. This used the flatter parts of the Parkrun route and the pack rapidly thinned out as the speedier runners set their sights on emulating Roger Bannister. The rest of us did our best to keep a steady momentum with the hope of finishing in a reasonable time, something we all achieved. So by 10.30am four happy Flyers departed Northampton with a little bit of Magic ready for a great year of running. We also had completed our first 30x30 run (or was it the second ?), so at least 1 down and only 29 or so to go!

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