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Nice 'n' Easy



This is for the real beginners, virtually any age, and those returning to running after a long lay off or old enough to have, but refuse to use, a ZIMMER frame. No sweat, no tears, no real punishment but lots of fun and chat.

Formal coaching sessions on a 4 week cycle. See below or liaise with Ann De Winter for details.

Main Session



This is THE coached session of the week and runners of all abilities turn up at the same time. The aim is to find the correct ability group and join it you might actually be told which group you should join.

Summer sessions are track and park based. Winter is mainly road based, with some off road, depending on the light.

See below for details of planned sessions.

Friday Session


Dave Sedgley runs a coached session for those that cannot make the evening sessions, or just want some extra effort.

These take place from various locations.  See weekly bulletin or contact Dave for current arrangements.

Coaching Objectives

Coaching Objectives to November 2017



Please see Website for list of races. As so many people do so many different race distances etc. the schedules are designed to benefit all race types. Short fast reps can help increase leg turnover which is of benefit in the longer races as well as the short. Over time your body will feel more comfortable at a faster pace than normal. Longer intervals, with varying degrees of recovery, can also aid endurance and improve lactate threshold. For anyone that is interested, a summary of the principles of training can be found in the coaching section on the website.

Note. If any member wants any specific help or guidance then please do not hesitate to contact any of the coaches. A list of each coaches' area of expertise can also be found on the website. We will be only too glad to help.

Highlights coaches for coached sessions below

Key to Club Coaches

Level 1 Level 2
SA - Sofia Aatkar GA - George Arbuckle
BD - Barry Dackombe JB - Jeremy Bell
PJ - Paula James SH - Stephen Hartley
BO - Brendan O'Mahoney NJ - Nick Jones
RJ2 - Richie Jones RJ - Richard Jones
SG - Steve Gibbons HL - Haydn Leaker
PO - Paul Owen MB - Mark Billington
JL - Jeremy Lewis
GS - Giles Shorley  
VvA - Val von Arx  
EW - Ed Watts  
JD - Jerry Day  
RC - Robbie Craig  
RF - Rebecca Fleckney Level 3
RP - Richard Pillinger DS - Dave Sedgley
MW - Mark Waine  
TH - Tim Harris  

Coached Sessions

See Below for Nice'n'Easy group


Session Detail



(1st stated is lead coach)

3 5k Paced Session - 6 loops Willow Way (60-90secs rec) & 6 loops Gravel Pit/Orchard/Water Lne & Elmwood (60-90secs rec) - Pacing to be around or slightly faster than 5k pace JB SG RJ2 FLITWICK FOOTBALL CENTRE THEN WILLOW WAY, FLITWICK
10 HEADTORCH SESSION - Half Mile Reps.  6 x 0.5 mile reps with 90 secs recovery in between each effort. Split into equal ability groups and work @ 5k pace. RJ MW VENUE MARSTON - MEET IN PARKING AREA ON THE CORNER BY THE HALL THAT LOOKS LIKE A VILLAGE HALL BUT ISN'T A VILLAGE HALL. WILL START SESSION JUST INSIDE THE FOREST CENTRE MAIN GATE.
17 Endurance Based Double Pyramid Session - All out & back to keep everyone together. (2mins/2mins, 3mins/3mins, 4mins/4mins, 3mins/3mins, 2mins/2mins) All half time recoveries. MB PO BD FLITWICK FOOTBALL CENTRE THEN CORNER STEPPINGLEY ROAD/MANOR WAY
24 Double Trouble Session - 4 x 2 loops of usual circuit (Total 0.80mile) at approximately 10k pace. Work at keeping laps even paced throughout. GA BO JD FLITWICK FOOTBALL CENTRE THEN FALLOWFIELD, AMPTHILL
31 Reducing Time/Increasing Speed Session - 1 Set - all half time recoveries and Out & Back to keep group(s) together. 4min/4min @ Half Marathon  pace, 3min/3min @ 10mile pace, 2min/2min @ 10k pace, 90secs/90secs @ 5k pace, 1min/1min @ 3k pace, 30secs/30secs @ Mile pace.  NJ GS FLITWICK FOOTBALL CENTRE THEN CORNER STEPPINGLEY ROAD/MANOR WAY





7 "Sting in the Tail" session ;-)) - Long Loops with finishing Hill Sprint  -  6 Efforts approx 1k - 2mins jog down recovery. Start a bottom of Ailesbury Hill, Loop clockwise round Wingate Drive and up to top of Ailesbury Hill. Work together in groups. JB SG RJ2 FLITWICK FOOTBALL CENTRE THEN AILESBURY ROAD, AMPTHILL
14 Step Down Session - 4 Sets ( 3min @ 10k pace, 90secs rec, 2min @ 5k pace , 90secs rec, 1 min @ hard pace ) 2-2.5 mins recovery between each set. RJ MW FLITWICK FOOTBALL CENTRE THEN FALLOWFIELD, AMPTHILL
21 Keep Movin' Session - 8 laps with 10k pace from Chaucer Rd to top of Tennyson Rd, quick regroup and cruise effort down Manor Way back to start. No recovery between loops. MB PO BD FLITWICK FOOTBALL CENTRE THEN CORNER STEPPINGLEY ROAD/MANOR WAY
28 Speed 45 Session - 3 Sets ( 5 x 1min efforts close to maximal effort 1min recovery ) 2-2.5mins recovery between sets. GA BO JD FLITWICK FOOTBALL CENTRE THEN FALLOWFIELD, AMPTHILL





5 Long Reps -  Split into 2 groups after warm up. Fast group doing loop from corner up to Tesco down though school and up through Bluebell Close back to start, lap approx 0.75 mile, with 2 min recovery. Faster group 4 x 1mile reps with 800m jog recoveries - From start in Manor Way, 1 loop up to top, left along the footpath (used for the 5k TT) to Eagle Drive. Jog recovery is then left to Manor Way junction and back to start. NJ GS FLITWICK FOOTBALL CENTRE THEN CORNER STEPPINGLEY ROAD/MANOR WAY



Please remember- If you cannot attend one of your coaching sessions make every effort to liaise with the other coaches to find a substitute of an appropriate level.

Also, please wear your 'Coach' Viz-Vest.

For each session the key points are as follows:

1. Ensure good running form is maintained

2. Forsake speed for form

3. Encourage use of Viz-Vests

4. Be vigilant of hazards

5. Give way to traffic

6. Give positive feedback

Nice'n'Easy's Sessions

There will be no separate coached sessions for the Nice'n'Easy group during the summer.

Runners are encouraged to join the sessions with the main group.  One big session for everyone



Nice'n'Easy Thursday Social Runs ...

Here is the list of the Nice and Easy Thursday runs for 2017 from April - September.

In order to run off road and in different places across some very lovely countryside in the spring and summer we meet in different places on a Thursday evening.  We are planning some new venues so the list may be subject to change, so keep an eye on the website.

The run covers about 4 miles in an hour and is suitable for everyone from beginners, those coming back from injury, those wanting a slower run and if you want a faster run from it you can join us and do some out and backs along the route.

We meet at each venue at 6.30pm, please contact either Ann or David if you have any questions or queries.

Ann de Winter 075801 78889  or   OR

David Sedgley -  01525 714961  or 





5K Time Trial

Eagle Drive


Toddington - Meet @ 6:15

Meet by the Library


Harlington - Meet @ 6:15

Meet at lay-by in Goswell End Road


Flitwick Leisure Centre - Meet @ 6:15




Training Principles & Pace Guidance

Nick Jones has prepared a summary of the basic running & training principles for the benefit of AFF members.

He has also prepared a table showing the optimal training paces based on recent race performances (along with a brief on how to use the table).

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