Newly Crowned Club Champions for 2017

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5K MK Rocket Champion Mark Waine   17:10
    V-40 John Decesare   17:17
    V-50 Nick Jones   17:32
5M Wellingborough Champion Ian Halpin   29:14
    V-40 Giles Shorley   30:43
    V-50 Richard Stanley   34:22
10K Standalone Champion Craig Palmer   32:58
    V-40 Martin Beare   37:16
    V-50 Stan Greening   45:07
10 Mile L.Buzzard Champion Paul Farmer   58:20
    V-40 Martin Beare   1:03:01
    V-50 Richard Stanley   1:12:10
1/2 Marathon Wootton Champion Craig Palmer   1:16:44
    V-40 Steven Upton   1:21:44
    V-50 Martin Beare   1:22:18
5K MK Rocket Champion Nicola Bowerman   19:28
    V-35 Jo Aatkar   21:55
    V-45 Caroline Gilby   21:59
5M Wellingborough Champion Nicola Bowerman   32:31
    V-35 Louise Clark   36:10
    V-45 Caroline Gilby   36:57
10K Standalone Champion Deborah Beare   43:59
    V-35 Louise Clark   45:11
    V-45 Lisa Wells   47:46
10 Mile L.Buzzard Champion Nicola Bowerman   1:09:11
    V-35 Deborah Beare   1:13:14
    V-45 Lisa Wells   1:20:38
1/2 Marathon Wootton Champion Nicola Bowerman CR 1:24:47
    V-35 Jess Anstee   1:39:15
    V-45 Lisa Wells   1:49:22

Club Champions from 2016

Marathon London Champion Max Dillon CR 2:41:26
  London V-40 Mark Waine   2:47:21
  Abingdon V-50 Martin Beare   2:54:54
Cross Country   Champion Tim Harris    
    V-40 Mark Waine    
    V-50 Richard Stanley    


Marathon Chester Champion Nicola Bowerman CR 3:01:25
  Amsterdam V-35 Keri Withers   3:51:36
  Milton Keynes V-45 Caroline Gilby   4:00:13
Cross Country   Champion Deborah Beare    
    V-35 Lisa Wells    
    V-45 Caroline Gilby    

Grand Prix

Eagles Tim Harris 500
Ospreys Giles Shorley 512
Falcons John Cross 500
Herons Dave Stanley 492
Kingfishers Lyndsey Bithrey 474
Hawks Nicola Wilkins 447


Special Awards

(These Awards are Announced at the Annual Presentation Evening)

Club Person of the Year

Awarded to someone who continually has given exceptional service to the club and its members. This could be by providing help to fellow runners, taking an active part in social events, working to promote the club with the local or wider community, particular endeavor in their pursuance of running or in the service of the club and its members generally.

Ann De Winter

Run of the Year

Presented to someone who has run an exceptional race during the year. Exceptional in terms of endurance, speed or because of personal circumstances.

Jayne Hunt

Most Improved Runner

Presented to someone who has shown dedication to improving their running and training both mentally and physically at whichever level they run at.

Richard Stanley

Goldi Award

Awarded to a someone who has been positive and encouraging to others regardless of speed or ability. Following Paul Lydon's footsteps in welcoming and mentoring new members.

Richie Jones (R2D2)

Previous Champions





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